What’s That?

We’re a content production and podcast network that covers sports, comedy, and culture through the voices and eyes of local fans and comedians, no matter how raspy or bloodshot. Our shows range from major studio, best in category shows, to one person and a mic. Everyone brings their own flavor to the concoction known as SPORTS DRINK. 

Who, Us?

SPORTS DRINK was founded in 2020 by Andrew Stephens, a UGA grad who’s been perpetually winging it since 1993. He’s assembled a diverse team of hosts, design staff, videographers, comedians, and partners from every nook and cranny of this weird country.

But Why?

We think the sports and culture coverage is drowning in red tape and clichés. It’s our job to create inclusive content that’s never watered down and always unique. If this sounds like something you dig, then grab a drink and enjoy the show.

Our Team

Team Member

Andrew Stephens

Head Coach

Team Member

Mills Adams

Creative Director

Team Member

Kevin Paul

Media Advisor

Team Member

Jamel Johnson

Development Advisor

Team Member

Nolan Woodrell

Business Development

Team Member

Ashtyn Butuso

Brand Development